McNick students raise money for cancer at the Night for the Fight

night for the fightOn April 13, 11 McNicholas students pulled an all-nighter at Night for the Fight to raise money and awareness for pediatric cancer.

The Night for the Fight was created by three local organizations: The Cure Starts Now, Cancer Free Kids, and the Jeffrey Thomas Hayden Foundation. This 13 hour event brought together over 400 students from 15 Cincinnati schools. Between student fundraising and donation from various sponsors, the night brought in a grand total of more than $50,000 that will go towards pediatric cancer research.

Margaret Beck, a junior and the organizer of the McNick teams who attended, said, “I thought it was a really good balance of fun and sacrifice. We heard a lot of inspiring stories and we definitely walked a lot, but at the same time it was a lot of fun. It was hard to stay up all night, but it was totally worth it.”

To raise money, the event is set up like a relay where students are sponsored for walking a certain distance during the night. The entire group walked a collective 4,250 miles during the night. Speakers came to share information and their experiences with pediatric cancer. Some students even donated hair to be made into wigs for children who have lost their hair as a side effect of cancer treatment. There were also multiple games going on all night and a dance party at 5 a.m. to keep the students excited and awake.

Junior Abby Mitchell said there was absolutely nobody sleeping during the event. “We were up all night. If somebody tried to go to sleep, they woke them up with a megaphone,” said Mitchell. “Every minute was about working for the cause.”

Junior Katie Cornell agreed with Mitchell that the night was exhausting, but well worth it. “I was really proud of how much money we all raised,” said Cornell. “It was great to be with a group of people who all came together for a good cause.”

Beck said she was really proud of what the McNick students accomplished with this event. She said McNick will definitely participate in the Night for the Fight again next year, hopefully bringing with them even more Rockets to join the cause.

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