Disney movies enchant McNicholas students

Once upon a time, an announcement of a new movie sent a buzz around McNick in mid-April. While many people wouldn’t expect high school students to get excited about a movie not rated PG-13 or over, the film causing all the talk was the sequel to Disney’s Finding Nemo. The news of this highly-anticipated sequel, called Finding Dory, is not the only animated film to catch students’ attention. Disney will soon be premiering Monsters University and Frozen.

Monster’s University is a prequel to Monsters Inc. and Frozen is the next in the collection of Disney princess movies. Loosely based on a Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale, Frozen follows Princess Anna as she sets off on an expedition through the icy land to meet the Snow Queen, the only person who can reverse Anna’s curse. With all these up-and-coming cartoons, teens have their Disney radars turned on.

“I think a lot of teens are really excited for sequels, like Finding Dory and Monsters University, because it continues the stories they loved when they were younger,” said junior Grace Hiltz. “I personally am really excited for Frozen because I love the Disney princesses.”

Despite the general assumption that people eventually outgrow their childhood past times, a recent survey of the school suggests that Disney is the exception. Nearly 70 percent of students who responded said they watched a Disney movie within the last month. Over 55 percent of those said they had seen one within the last week. McNicholas students watch these movies quite frequently, even though they had supposedly outgrown them.

Many students said they watch Disney movies because it reminds them of their childhood.  “I like watching them because it reminds me of growing up as a kid,” said sophomore Michael Lake.

Junior Margaret Beck said she watches Disney movies both because they remind her of growing up and because they’re important in her family. “We used to watch The Jungle Book all the time when I was younger. My mom and I can quote the entire thing,” Beck said. “All the Disney movies are great because they have fun stories and they usually teach a good lesson too.”

Junior Mitch Bloemer agreed that the themes are an important part of what makes the Disney movies good. “Most of the time the plots are cool and they reflect struggles in the world. They send good messages in a way that people can enjoy.”

Junior Madison Hartwell agreed that everyone can enjoy a Disney classic. “They’re just really fun to watch. The plots are really creative, the characters are so funny, and most of them have great music,” Hartwell said. “The best thing about them is that anybody can enjoy them, no matter what age they are.”

So, even though high school students have out grown their elementary classrooms and their clothes from The Children’s Place, they agree that they will never outgrow Disney. The end.

Here are the top 20 Disney movies, as voted on by the students:

disney chart

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