Seniors go through “Transformation Tuesday”

On social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram, many users have started posting themed pictures for every day of the week. Some of the themes, such as “Transformation Tuesday” and “Throwback Thursday,” focus on reliving past memories with friends and seeing how much things have changed. As graduation grows nearer, The McNicholas Milestone decided to take a look back to see how some of the 2013 seniors have changed throughout high school.

Rita Beckman:


“Through McNick, I’ve discovered that I’m really into service and helping people. The Appalachia retreat was the experience that really served as a turning point for me, and I also was able to get a lot closer to some of my classmates through Kairos,” Beckman said.

Sarah Bouley:


“My freshmen year I was so shy and scared to branch out; now I feel way more outgoing and comfortable getting involved. If I could give my freshman self advice, I would say not to take McNick for granted and to appreciate it for what it is,” Bouley said.

Rachele Deluca:


“I went into high school thinking I’d be playing soccer all four years, and then I found theatre,” Deluca said. “Theatre is where I felt at home, and I knew it’d be something I was part of for the rest of my life.”

Courtney Dunne:


“Since freshmen year I’ve taken on a lot more leadership roles, and started auditioning for theatre productions. I’ve definitely become more confident and looking back I only wish I’d gotten involved sooner,” Dunne said.

Kevin Fagin:


“Junior year was when my involvement picked up, and then senior year it really took off with Kairos and soccer. I was also really quiet coming into high school, so the last four years I’ve made a lot more friends,” Fagin said.

Daniel Poole:


“I actually think I look pretty good with the afro going there, I might even go back to it,” Poole said. “But if I could change one thing freshman year, I would make myself take Foundation Art so I could have eventually joined Art NHS.”

Brent Rudolph:


“Well, for starters, it’s pretty obvious I grew a lot. I think I was around five feet freshman year,” Rudolph said. “If I could give my freshman self some advice, I would definitely tell myself to try harder in school and be less weird.”

Corey Shrader:

corey final

“Back in freshman year I literally did nothing, and now I’m involved in Eco Club, liturgy choir, Rocket Report, Battle of the Bands- basically just way more stuff,” Shrader said. “Also, I think I’ve solidified some of my most important moral principles and learned a lot more about myself and how relationships work.”

Grant Witte:


“Now I’m actually active in the community, socializing, and going to social events,” Witte said. “I think both my personality and outside appearance have changed.”

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