McNicholas students participate in Reds High School Media Day

reds3McNicholas senior Madeline Scott and junior Hayley Coldiron accompanied Director of Communications Angie Noble to the Reds High School Media Day on Monday, May 6. Scott, Editor-in-Chief of the The McNicholas Milestone, and Hayley Coldrion, Assistant Editor, were invited to the event after McNick was chosen by the Reds as one of the local high schools eligible for the annual event.

Reds High School Media Day is an afternoon focused on exposing high school journalists to the behind-the-scenes role of the media in Major League Baseball. The students spent the afternoon at on-field pre-game batting practice, meeting with Assistant Director of Media Relations Larry Herms, touring the Reds press boxes, and watching a complementary Reds game.  Coldiron, a long time Reds fan, said getting an inside look at the Great American Ballpark was an exciting and informative experience.

“It was amazing to see everything up close and also really surprising to see all of the work that goes into running and promoting a baseball game,” Coldiron said. “One of the definite perks of working for the Reds is getting to work with fascinating people. Todd Frazier came over during the batting practice and talked to us, which I really appreciated. He was a really genuine guy and it was awesome to have this opportunity to meet him.”

Coldiron also enjoyed talking with Herms, who gave the students insight and advice on working in sports journalism. Herms began his career as an intern, and Coldiron took note of how Herms stressed the importance of taking those opportunities.

“[Herms] really taught us how important internships are, and also how important it is to be tech-savvy and keep up-to-date with social media,” Coldiron said. “Another piece of advice that I thought was interesting was that being bilingual gives you a big advantage since many of the Reds’ players speak Spanish. It definitely made me reconsider how I might be able to incorporate a lot of my different classes into a job in media.”

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