Senior artists showcase their pieces at McNicholas Art Show

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On Wednesday, May 15, eleven seniors showcased their work from AP Drawing, AP Architecture, or AP Photography as a part of the McNicholas Art Show.

The students were Lauren Scott, Francine Wright, Danielle Schaefer, and Savannah Hisch from AP Drawing; Pat Disalvio, Tony Losekamp, Anna Crooker, Rebecca Evans, Rita Beckman, and Katie Weiler from AP Photography; and Ben Schmidt from AP Architecture. Each of the 11 students had his or her own table or panel in the art show to showcase pieces from class or AP portfolios.

“I was incredibly impressed with the overall quality of the work from all the students,” Photography teacher Ellyn Whiteash said. “I’m really proud of the seniors for working so hard.”

The seniors were all really excited about participating in the show because it was a way for them to showcase their talents and hard work to the rest of the McNicholas community. Art teacher Willy Corbett said that the pieces also received a lot of praise from those who attended on the night of the Rocket into Summer event the following evening. These students worked all year to develop a collection of pieces, and Corbett was really impressed to see the show come together. “I was really pleased with the accumulation of all the work,” he said. “Our students are great at putting in the time and the effort, and I think it showed.”

While all these seniors use different mediums and have their own styles, they all have a common passion for the pieces they create. “Asking me what I like about art is like asking me what like about living,” Scott said. “It’s a way I can express myself.”

For all these students, their classes at McNick have been extremely influential in their artistic careers. This is especially true for many students who didn’t discover their passion for art until they took the classes at McNick. Many students, like Weiler, took art classes with the sole purpose to fill their fine arts credit or because it sounded interesting, and they ended up loving it. “I just took the class and thought it was a lot of fun,” Weiler said.

Many of these students will be pursuing their art in college. “I’m going to Montserrat College of Art in Boston,” Wright said. “I’ll be studying Disciplinary Design.”

Even for those who will not be majoring in art in college, they confirmed it will not be the end of their artistic days. They plan to keep creating because it’s something they are passionate about. “Photo is my way of doing art, and it’s a lot of fun,” Disalvio said.  “It’s definitely something I’m going to keep doing.” 

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