German exchange student visits McNicholas for three weeks

DeziDezi, an exchange student from Germany, is spending three weeks at McNicholas while she is on holiday in the United States.

Dezi arrived in the United States on Friday, August 16 after a 12 hour flight from her home in Munich, Germany. While she is here, Dezi is staying with junior Erin Ketchum and her family. Ketchum said while she and Dezi had never met previous to her arrival, their families had a connection.

“Our parents both work for the same company,” Ketchum said. Ketchum’s dad works for American Modern Insurance, and Dezi’s father works for its parent company, Munich Re. “They just happened to meet through the company,” Ketchum said.

Dezi started attending classes at McNicholas with Ketchum on August 19, the first day of school. While she spends seven hours in the classroom with the other students, she observes without having to do the work or receive grades from her time at McNick. The trip is more like a vacation to learn about America and be exposed to the culture.

“It’s just for fun,” Dezi said. “I wanted to see what it’s like in America.”

Dezi said that so far she has enjoyed being in America and visiting McNick with Ketchum. Dezi’s last day at school will be Friday, September 6, and she will be returning home to Munich on September 7.  Once back in Munich, she will be preparing to start tenth grade at Otto-von-Taube Gymnasium on September 12.

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