Give With Target provides opportunities for McNicholas

As McNicholas’ most recent fundraiser, members of the McNicholas community are voting to win money for the school as a part of the Give With Target program. The money from the promotion is raised by voting for McNicholas on Give With Target’s website. For every 25 votes, Target will donate a $25 gift card to McNick. Voting is limited to once a week per person and is tracked through each voter’s Facebook account. The last day to vote is Sept. 21.

Give With Target is an annual charity promotion that allocates $5 million to schools across America, and each participating school has to opportunity to receive up to $10,000 in Target gift cards. Principal Patty Beckert is hoping the school can collect enough votes to raise at least $1,000.

“I would like for the money to go to Rocket Relief,” Beckert said. “Any gift cards we receive from the endeavor can be given to families in need or be used to purchase items of need for those families.”

Rocket Relief is a program founded in March of 2012 to raise money for McNicholas families who were impacted by the series of tornados that blew through the Ohio Valley that month. Since then, the Rocket Relief initiative has continued to support McNicholas families in need. Beckert said that most of the original $8,000 that was raised in 2012 has been distributed and that she would like to replenish that fund.

McNicholas still needs hundreds of votes to meet Beckert’s goal. Look below to learn how you can contribute to this cause.

how to vote 2


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