Blast Off Athletics Split the Pot Raffle has begun

McNicholas High School launched fundraiser, the Blast Off Athletics Split the Pot Raffle, on Sept. 1 to benefit McNicholas the athletic program.

Split the Pot tickets will be sold throughout the school year, ending May 23. The drawing will be held on May 31.

“We hope that everyone can get behind the fundraiser,” said Athletic Director Rob Heise. “We are looking at a few big ticket items, such as a new scoreboard for men’s baseball, a score board for woman’s softball, as well as new bleachers in the main gym. However, it all depends on the amount raised.”

In the past few years, Bingo has been the leading athletics fundraiser, but has since been discontinued. Principal Patty Beckert explained why McNicholas no longer holds Bingo. “A lot of people look at it as gambling. We don’t want to promote that. Also, parents don’t want to work [Bingo] due to the smoke-filled environment. The Split the Pot Raffle hopes to accomplish the same goals as Bingo, without the perceived negative elements,” Beckert said.

This fundraiser will not only benefit athletics at McNicholas High School, but those who purchase tickets could also win one of many cash prizes. The grand prize winner will receive 40% of the total collected, the second place winner will receive 7%, and the third place winner will receive 3%. The other 50% of the pot will go to McNicholas. There will also be drawings prior to the final drawing on Nov. 1 for $50, Dec. 25 for $100, March 19 for $50, and April 20 for $100.

The school goal for the fundraiser is $40,000. Tickets are $20 each or 3 for $50. Forms to purchase tickets are available in the main office or online. All athletes are expected to expected to sell 5 tickets.


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