McNicholas welcomes increased number of transfer students

transfersMcNicholas welcomed ten new students into the Rocket family for the 2013-2014 school year. Eight of these students came from local high schools. According to Director of Guidance Cindy Weeks, this is the highest number she has seen in her six years at McNicholas.

“We had a total of ten, including the two new international students,” Weeks said. “In the years I’ve been here, we’ve had around five or so.”

Since the students have had time to settle in, they all agree that the members of the Rocket family have made their transition an easy one. The eight new local students include Taylor Ashmore, Brandon Chitwood, Eric Collet, Emily Crockett, Dallas Dean, Heron Heil, Bo Verdin, and Zach Wood.

Taylor Ashmore

Taylor Ashmore transferred to the sophomore class from St. Ursula Academy, and is already immersed in many activities at Rocket High. She is part of Spirit Club, Photography Club, Ambassadors, and she is stage managing the fall play, Over the Tavern. Ashmore said she always had her heart set on McNick for high school, but she originally went to Ursula because of family tradition. Now that she’s made the switch, Ashmore says it’s the perfect school for her.

“So far McNick has been exactly what I expected it would be, and I expected a lot,” Ashmore said. “I love all of my teachers and have been impressed with the classes. To make things even better, almost all of my friends from grade school go here. I absolutely love it and am so happy that I ended up switching schools.”

Brandon Chitwood

Brandon Chitwood is the only transfer into the senior class, coming from Milford High school. He plays baseball and is hoping to play for the McNick team this spring. He also loves playing guitar. He said he decided to transfer because he had heard good things about the school from his McNicholas friends. While it has been difficult to change schools for his final year, he said he’s happy he made the switch.

“The hardest part would probably be the transition after going to the same school my whole life. Being a senior and changing schools is a little strange, but I am definitely glad I transferred,” Chitwood said. “I love McNick so far. I really like the people here. They are really cool and have helped me a lot with the transfer.”

Eric Collet

Eric Collet is a transfer into the Rocket sophomore class from Miami Valley Christian Academy (MVCA). He plays both golf and baseball. Collet said that MVCA was a very small school and he thought he would have more opportunities attending a larger high school like McNick. He says that his experience at McNick so far has been a positive transition.

“I like McNick a lot. I like how it is bigger and the tablets are pretty cool too,” Collet said. “My favorite thing would have to be the lunch because the food is great, and I like how it is as long as a class period.”

Emily Crockett

Emily Crockett is coming to the sophomore class of McNick from New Richmond High School. Crockett loves cheerleading, although she wasn’t able to cheer for McNick this year because the tryouts had already taken place. She said she spends most of her time hanging out with her new friends and her family. So far she’s loved McNick and all the people have been really welcoming.

“I think everyone is really nice here, and the teachers too,” Crockett said. “The environment is very uplifting.”

Dallas Dean

Dallas Dean transferred to the junior class from Archbishop Moeller High School. He currently plays football and is on the yearbook staff. He is also hoping to play baseball later in the school year. Dean said he decided to transfer because of the opportunities that are available at McNick, especially in athletics.

“I wanted a better opportunity to start [for football] my senior year and have a chance to be able to play baseball again after my shoulder surgery,” Dean said. “I’ve really like the students at McNick so far. Everyone’s been really cool.”

Jeron Heil

Jeron Heil transferred from MVCA for sophomore year with Collet. His favorite sport is football and he is currently on the McNick team. Jeron said he decided to transfer because, like Collet, he thought he would have more opportunities to get involved at a bigger high school like McNick.

“MVCA is a really small school with limited options. I have more opportunities to do other things here,” Heil said. “My favorite thing about McNick so far is the other students. They’ve been really nice and it hasn’t been hard to get to know people.”

Bo Verdin

Bo Verdin transferred to McNick’s sophomore class from Purcell Marion High School. He is currently playing on the McNick football team. He also plays baseball and is hoping to try out for the McNick team this spring. He said he’s really enjoying getting to know everyone in the Rocket family.

“It’s a good school,” Verdin said. “I like the teachers and I’ve made a lot of new friends.”

Zach Wood

Zach Wood transferred into the McNick junior class from St. Xavier High School. He’s currently on the McNick football team, and when he’s not on the field he likes to hang out with friends. He said his main reason for transferring was that McNick was that it is a lot closer to home.  Wood spent his elementary school years at Guardian Angels, so he already knew quite a few Rockets, making for an easy transition.

“I’ve been meeting a lot of new people, and catching up with all of my friends from grade school,” Wood said.

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