Intramural volleyball allows for fun competition

For the 4th year, students at McNicholas High School have the opportunity to participate in intramural sports.  Unlike traditional extra-curricular sports, intramurals are played within small campus-wide leagues and include players of varying grades and abilities.

“Intramurals aren’t competitive compared to traditional volleyball,” freshman Carly Dries said.  “We just play for fun, and we always have a good time whether we win or lose.”

During the 2013 intramural volleyball season, Admissions Assistant Julie Dumont helped to split players into thirteen different teams, with each composed of six to eleven players each.  With coed teams free of tryouts and varsity competition, many of those who do not play during the regular season use intramurals for learning and practice.

For some, intramurals are a time to hone old skills but for others, it’s a time to learn a new sport.  Junior Ronnie Ehemann is using the intramural volleyball season to get associated with the sport while bonding with teammates.

“I don’t have any experience [playing volleyball] outside of intramurals,” Ehemann said.  “I just do it to have a great time and hang out with my friends.”

Played principally in North America, intramural sports first made an appearance in the nearby state of Michigan, when students at the University of Michigan opened the country’s very first facility for recreational sports.  Like varsity sports, intramural teams tend to be organized according to age and athletic ability, but are especially known for coed teams.

“I think it’s much more fun having guys on the team,” senior Ann Rack said.  “Our guys bring more enthusiasm and competition to the game.”

For those who missed out on intramural volleyball this year, McNick will be holding signups for intramural basketball in early January.

This year’s season opened on Sept. 22, and will conclude with a tournament on November 24.  A tentative schedule places games every Sunday evening from 5-9 p.m.  The November 3 games   are the “Invite a Teacher To Play Night,” an event that joins together players and their teachers and encourages a good-natured, competitive attitude towards volleyball.

“Each team can ask one teacher to play on their team for the night,” Dumont said.  “I am sure it will be a fun event for both students and teachers!”

The remaining games of the intramural season will be played in the main gym every Sunday evening from 5-9 pm until Nov. 10.  Admission is free, and student attendance, as always, is strongly encouraged.

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