The Unveiling: Hauntings of Cincinnati

The first sight of fallen leaves is a sign that the summer months have passed and the crisp breeze of autumn carries the excitement of trick or treating, pumpkin carving, and the joining of friends and family in celebration of the season.  On All Hallow’s Eve, it is inevitable that one will run into a ghost or two.  Some might experience their rendezvous on the streets of a crowded neighborhood with the bustle of children dressed as ghouls and goblins. Others might not find their confrontation to be so playful.  With the numerous hauntings in the Cincinnati area, many are bound to experience an encounter they are not likely to take jokingly.

Music Hall: Experience more than music…

The first location in which employees and visitors alike find themselves shaken is Music Hall, located in downtown Cincinnati.  According to the Society for the Preservation of Music Hall, experiences and stories alike have been shared between employees.  Music Hall is on the location of Cincinnati’s first public hospital specialized in housing and treating those deemed extremely mentally ill.  Although the hospital has been gone for many years, according to SPMH, the human remains of patients buried under the former hospital still reside in the Hall.   According to legend, it is well known by employees that when renovations occur, disturbed spirits make themselves known as well as the eerie uncovering of human bones.   Though it is a valid assumption that the spirits which roam the halls are those who were housed in the hospital, it is said that the spirits seem friendly and are likely those who attended the Hall while they were living.

 Stonelick Covered Bridge: Enter at your own risk

Another place in Cincinnati which holds a chilling legend is the Stonelick Township Covered Bridge in Peaceful Valley, located in Goshen, Ohio.  According to the website Haunted Locations of Ohio, a trip to the valley after nightfall will more than likely end in a panic stricken escape from the area.  The website retells one specific encounter involving a group of friends who, while passing through the bridge, saw an arm reach into the car grabbing desperately for the keys.  When the passenger realized what was happening, he reached over quickly to help defend the driver from the strange arm.  While nearing the end of the bridge, another arm came in through the car door clutching the passenger’s shirt collar keeping him from helping.    The stories surrounding the covered bridge are abundant and it’s up to those who visit the bridge to determine whether there is truth to the rumors.

Cincinnati Zoo: More than caged animals…

Going to the Cincinnati Zoo is a wonderful way for children and adults alike to spend a day amongst the exotic animals.  Through the many trails, visitors can travel through the zoo with the unique experience of feeling like they are walking through a jungle.  This feeling of walking through a jungle seems real enough, given the trees and greenery surrounding the walkways, but for a few, walking through the man-made jungle feels much more real with the suspected haunting of a lioness.  At night time, there have been several accounts of those walking the paths to hear the unmistakable thumping of paws behind them.  When a visitor becomes frightened and starts running, the thumping of paws seems to gain speed as if the lion is chasing its victim.  In other accounts, green eyes have been seen lurking in the bushes, resulting in a very realistic fear of being stalked.

Union Terminal: Witness the history firsthand

Union Terminal is a great way to experience history by walking through the various exhibits and going to the IMAX films.  While some have sought their experience of history this way, others who are more involved in the inner workings of the museum experience history much differently.  Before Union Terminal was a Museum, it was a widely used train station which transported citizens into downtown Cincinnati and was used to bring home the soldiers of World War II.  According the website Creepy Cincinnati, hearing cries and welcoming of soldiers returning is a regular occurrence.  Another account states that when a plane used in World War II was kept in the museum for an exhibit, a pilot could be seen inside.  As to what the pilot was doing inside the plane, it is said by many that he was trying to fly home.  One very specific tale shared amongst many is of a station security guard.  The security guard’s name was Shirley, and she was murdered in the station while trying to defend the station against a break in.  Today, she is still seen walking through the halls, rattling doorknobs, and checking locks.  Though she has not been known to cause any trouble, the cleaning crew of the museum refuses to walk the halls alone at night.

Though many people may not believe in the other worldly beings which are said to be the culprits in these strange happenings, others have no doubt that these beings exist.  Whether these accounts are chosen to be believed or not, it is important that these happenings are accepted as the result of one thing: the unknown.

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