The Milestone explores reasons to love Ohio

With the sunny state of Florida, the excitement of California, and the dazzling atmosphere of New York, it’s hard for many to find reasons to love the small Midwestern buckeye state that is Ohio.  Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook display the often unfair frustrations many residents have with Ohio.   With so many complaints, though, many miss all there is to love about living here.

“It’s in the middle of nowhere and there’s nothing to do.”

Throughout the country side and city scapes of Ohio, there are plenty of ways to spend a day with family or find ways to escape into the excitement of a road trip with friends.  Ohio is placed between many large cities and features which are close enough to drive to within a day or make an extended weekend trip.  These features, found both the city and countryside, include the various zoos, amusement parks, national parks and reserves, and museums for both fun and knowledge.  More information on these features of Ohio can be found on Discover Ohio as well as on their Facebook page.

“No big name bands or artists come here!”

Not only is this statement entirely false, it’s very misinformed.  Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Columbus all have their share of venues, theatres, and festivals which host well-known artists as well as unsigned artists who are making their way into the music industry.  In Cincinnati, the Bunbury Music Festival held in Fountain Square and the Warped Tour held at Riverbend Music Center can satisfy many musical tastes. US Bank Arena, Bogart’s, and the Aronoff Theatre serve as additional venues, which have hosted many well-known artists and bands as well as Broadway performances over the years.

“The weather here is awful”

The seemingly ever-changing weather patterns in Ohio can be an annoyance to many people who live here, but those who enjoy the surprise of cold weather fronts find it to be no problem.  Weather in Ohio, according to complaints on social media sites, consists of endless cold winters and autumns and faint glimpses of fair-weathered springs and summers.  Unlike a few other states, Ohio has a year of varying weather, which can serve different levels of comfort.  The summers of Ohio range from hot days of 100 degrees, to breezy blue-sky days of 70 degrees. The spring ranges from murky, rainy days to pleasant mornings and nights revealing the new life.  The chilly days of autumn slowly descend, as do the multicolored leaves, into snowy winter nights, something that can’t be found in Florida or California. Occasional days off school for snow also can’t be enjoyed by those in the warmer states.

“If you’ve seen one corn field, you’ve seen all of Ohio”

There is no doubt that while driving through the state of Ohio, the sight of a field full of crops is never in shortcoming.   Though this may be true, there is no reason that this one aspect should define the entire state as a whole.  A trip through the winding roads of southern Ohio can subject one to the sights of foothills and mountain like scenery.  Large populations of Amish live in these areas as well and can serve as a great way to experience life outside of the English world.

What is your favorite part about living in Ohio?


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