ALICE Training Program prepares McNicholas students, faculty

On Friday, Nov. 15, the ALICE training program made its way to the student body of McNicholas.  Faculty and staff participated in a two-part training session during the 2012-2013 school year.

ALICE Training is a program that educates participates on how to protect themselves in life threatening situations.  According to the ALICE Training website, “ALICE Training exists so that schools and the employees have the necessary information to keep our children safe in the event that an active shooter threatens one of the places we are supposed to feel most safe, outside of our own homes.”

Student Moderator Gerard Kissel believed that this program is necessary given the recent dangerous situations schools across the nation have encountered. “[ALICE] is to benefit everybody, but now we are instructing the kids,” Kissel said. “It’s a life saving measure for anybody in this building.”

The student program involved a video informing the students of the proper steps to follow during an intrusion.  For the practical part of the assembly, a select number of students and teachers demonstrated those steps in a simulated classroom setting.  Police officers leading the program answered various questions asked by students regarding the proper guidelines to follow and defense mechanisms to perform towards an intruder.

Principal Patricia Beckert agreed that the program benefited the McNicholas community.  “I hope the students will learn defense mechanisms, but also that we are in this together,” Beckert said. “We have to work together to overcome an intrusion.”


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