Top Five Sledding spots in Cincinnati

One of the greatest joys as a child was sled riding, but as we grow older, some think that they’re too cool, or too old for sledding. Sledding is always fun, and the older one is, the greater freedom they have to get to the best of sled-riding spots around. In this article, The Milestone will show the top five sled-riding spots in the area.

Using and, The Milestone formed a list of five of the best sledding spots for McNick students.

1. Stanberry Park (2221 Oxford Ave. 45230) – A McNick crowd classic. If anyone lives in or near Anderson Township or Mt. Washington, they have to check out Stanberry on a snowy day. With a large hill that’s easy to access, it’s a well-known hill. Many will likely be there on snowy days, but there’s plenty of room for everyone.

2. Ault Park (3600 Observatory Ave. 45208) – Another spot that’s close for the McNick students, Mt. Lookout is a quick drive across the levy. The hill is big enough to accommodate for everyone, but getting there early isn’t a bad idea to avoid the crowds tearing up the snow.

3. French Park (3012 Section Road 45237) – This is a smaller, cozier sledding spot. The hill is smaller, the park is smaller, and so if that’s what you’re looking for, this park is ideal. Much different than the thrilling hill at Stanberry, this is a more laid-back experience. Does not take much time to fill up, so go at less crowded times like weekdays.

4. Clough United Methodist Church (2010 Wolfangle Road 45255)- A classic neighborhood sledding spot, the Clough United Methodist Church has granted sled-riders permission to use their property. Because it’s private property, though, be extra cautious of not staying out too late or being to rowdy.

5. Voice of America Park (7850 VOA Park Drive 45069) – It’s a bit of a drive to head to West Chester, but it’s definitely worth it. The large man-made hill makes for a great ride, but it’s not so tall that it’s a pain to climb back up dragging your sled. If you live in that direction or want to check out a new sledding adventure, head north to this spot.

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