Students seeking jobs should heed these tips

During the years of high school, many students gain independence by hanging out with friends, driving themselves, and thinking of the future.  Though all of these aspects are what make this part of life exciting, some find both themselves and their social lives restricted by money, or lack thereof.  With the proper tools to impress a business owner, an applicant should find it much easier to carry on with their lives, minus the financial restriction.

1.      Google yourself

According to the website, one of the first steps of the modern application process involves googling the interviewee.  The key to googling yourself is to observe the first three or four pages that show up.  If the interviewee’s name doesn’t show up, then it will be assumed that they don’t know much about how the world works today, and they will most likely not hire you.  If things show up after googling yourself that shouldn’t be there, the practice of ‘defensive googling’ can be done to clean up your Google feed from things that may portray you badly.  Defensive googling is a way of keeping track of information you put online or posted by others and deleting any unwanted  material that may show up to someone it’s not meant to.

2.      Check social networking sites

Similar to the ‘googling yourself’ process, checking social networking sites can help clean up the Google feed.  Twitter bios and Facebook pages can show up in the search engine feed and will likely play a large part in the application process, especially if your social networking sites have few privacy settings.

3.      Apply in person

To make a great first impression, applying in person is the way to go.  Though this is the best option, there are a few things to sort out beforehand.  To be able to answer any questions asked by an employer, make sure to know what hours and days you are available to work.  Remember to bring a pen to complete the application and any additional paperwork.

4.      Look presentable

When applying in person, dress for success.  For an interviewer to take an interviewee seriously, the interviewee should dress in modest, business casual attire.  For a boy, a simple pair of khakis, a dress shirt, and dress shoes should be worn to guarantee a interviewer’s attention.  For a girl, a dress or a skirt and blouse should be worn to be taken seriously by an interviewer.

What other suggestions do you have for prospective job hunters?


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