Resolve this, not that: Make new year’s resolutions that will last

While the idea of making a new year’s resolution is a great one, people usually stray from their goals and continue with the habit they hope to correct.  Failure instead of success occurs because many try to tackle large obstacles, like losing weight, and spend a great deal of money on gym memberships and dieting plans, that most never use. By making small changes, resolutions become more doable and success is sure to follow. Try these ideas for a positive change.

Instead of parking in the nearest spot in a parking lot, park far away.

Instead of parking nearest to the destination trying to be achieved, park a little farther away. By doing this, one is getting a little more exercise. This is also really easy to remember and doesn’t take much effort.

Do one thing that scares you each day

This is an easy statement to remember, but also packs a real message. Try something new each day that may scare or intimidate you. It may be something as major as sky diving, or even something as simple as standing up for yourself. Doing something like this builds self-confidence and makes life a little more exciting.

Devote a few minutes to yourself a day.

It’s important to devote time to yourself, even if it is just a few minutes per day. Whether you’re praying, or reading a book, or enjoying a film, it’s important to include free time into your schedule every day. Just a cool down from a long day and takes away stress, even if it is just a small amount.

Set a specific hour when you turn off the technology.

While it may be hard at first, this is very beneficial.  The inability to put down technology is becoming a real problem, and makes focusing and sleeping difficult. Designate an hour each day to turn off the cell phone or the laptop and get to bed.

Get more sleep!

Sleep is crucial for our lives, as well as our success.  Not being well-rested leads to a less motivated, unhappy person. In the absence of sleep, people often turn to caffeine, which isn’t nearly as beneficial as getting at least eight hours per night.  By getting more sleep, you reduce the amount of caffeine you may take in, become a more motivated person, and improve your mood overall.

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