Birds, colorful blocks, grades fall with these hyper-addictive games

Tired of always getting an A on your test or a 100% on your essays? Add some variety to your report card by aiming a little lower. Replace your study time with gaming time and you’ll see those A’s change to C’s and D’s.

Flappy Bird

The Flappy Bird craze has swept across every area with access to smart phones. It’s a simple touchscreen game that asks players to guide a fish with wings through pipes, similar to those from Super Mario.

Not only will it reduce your once-promising future to shambles, but watching the fish-bird run into the menacing pipes over and over when you only needed one more to beat your high score and it didn’t even touch anything has a strange calming effect. The creator of Flappy Bird has since taken the original app down, but imitations like Clumsy Bird are widely available.

Candy Crush

While the buzz surrounding Candy Crush has died down, its bright colors, easy gameplay, and hundreds of levels prove that it’s still an effective way to kill the precious little time you have. Instead of studying, sit down and play this cute and colorful candy switcher game. If you commit, you’ll be failing in no time.


No one can forget the game that started it all: Tetris. Tetris debuted in the 1980s and has been adapted for use on nearly every electronic. Stacking shapes composed of four smaller squares is inexplicably addicting. In fact, it’s so addicting that it’s spawned what’s known as the “Tetris Effect.”

The Tetris Effect refers to a change in thought triggered by excessively playing a game. If you play Tetris for a week, you’ll be so busy thinking about organizing falling blocks, you won’t have time to study.

Be careful when downloading new apps, because it’s easy to spend hours on a pixelated game when you should be studying.

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