Seminarians student-teach at McNick

DSC_5970Starting at the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year, three seminarians began student teaching at McNicholas as a part of their studies.

Tony Coci, David Doseck, and Peter Langenkamp are all at the Second Theology level in the seminary, studying for the priesthood at the Athenaeum of Ohio next door to McNick. They were assigned to McNick by the Archdiocese as a part of their Practicum course. Social Justice teacher John Norman is hosting Coci and Langenkamp in his class room this semester, and said he has enjoyed having them in his classes.

“I think it’s a good interaction between the students and the seminarians,” Norman said. “It’s good for our students to see young men committed to the Lord and responding to the call. Their commitment to their vocation shines through in their presentations. My students respect them for that.”

This semester, Coci and Langenkamp are teaching Social Justice with Norman, and Doseck is teaching Christology alongside World Religion teacher Mary Beth Sandmann. They agreed that they’ve enjoyed their time at McNicholas and it has definitely been a rewarding experience for them.

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to interact with the students,” Langenkamp said. “I’ve learned there’s a lot to teaching.”

Coci agreed with Langenkamp’s sentiment. “It’s been great to get [the student’s] perspective and walk with them on their faith journey,” Coci said. “They’re all great kids.”

Senior Kristen Rehl said that all the students have enjoyed learning from them just as much as they’ve enjoyed teaching. “It’s really neat having them here,” Rehl said. “It’s nice to hear their perspective on the class material and hear the different way they present it.”

Norman said that the most valuable part of this partnership is that the seminarians will be able to take their experiences from McNick and apply them in their ordained ministry. “When they are pastors of a church, this will help them to have a better understanding of the young people in their parish,” Norman said.

Coci supports Norman’s statement, saying that he’s been able to take away many important lessons from this experience that will help him in his ministry. “It’s getting to know the students, and the beautiful truths of the faith, and synthesizing them to speak to the student’s hearts,” Coci said.

Coci, Doseck, and Langenkamp will continue to instruct once a week for the remainder of the 2014 school year.

About Sarah Ruwe

Senior Sarah Ruwe is an Advanced Journalism student and a staff reporter. She enjoys cheerleading and has been on the McNicholas cheerleading squad for four years. She is involved in Service Club, Spirit Club, and is a McNicholas ambassador. She also enjoys spending time with her family and friends.


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