McNicholas Holds First Digital Citizenship Day

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On Monday, Feb. 24, McNicholas hosted its first Digital Citizenship Day. Director of Educational Technology Katie Ritter came up with the idea in order to educate the students on the positives of social media and how decisions relating to technology overall may lead to serious consequences if used incorrectly.

The day began with an all school assembly with guest speaker Steve Smith with Cincinnati Bell. He introduced the topics classes would be discussing and warned students of consequences of using social media inappropriately.

Afterwards, students went to their regular classrooms to hear various guest speakers talk about different subjects having to do with their actions online. Topics varied based on department and included sexting, cyberbullying, and the importance of keeping social media profiles professional even at a young age.

Other guest speakers included lawyers, police officers, and hiring agents from local businesses. “We found the speakers through other events and through our ties in the McNick community,” Ritter said.

Junior Nate Hazzard said that listening to the presentations given by the attorney and hiring agent were his favorite part of the day. “He was really good at explaining the laws involving our actions in the media and helped me understand a lot of legal situations that teenagers can get involved in,” Hazzard said. “Also, it’s good to know what we can do to help get jobs, instead of always just hearing what we’re doing to hurt our chances.”

Ritter said she was very pleased about how the day went, and hoped that the students got a lot out of the experience. “Sometimes kids can think they have a kind of God-complex [in regard to social media] and that they’re invincible,” Ritter said. “This was a good way to remind them to think about their actions.”

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