McNicholas Buzzfeed style: You know you’re a Rocket if…

With all of the Catholic high schools in the area, there’s no doubt that each school has their own unique atmosphere.  At McNick, there are plenty of characteristics and quirks that might seem a little odd to outsiders, but seem a part of everyday life for students.  Here are a few signs that you are, or have been, a Rocket.

1. When mentioning ‘Paradise’ you’re not referring to a beach.

2. Wearing patterned socks over your leggings is an everyday occurrence, even considered ‘in style’.

3. You’ve been asked the age-old question, “Have you tried restarting your computer?”

4. You know cookies are only good when barely baked.

5. You’ve frequently celebrated Mardi Gras…by dancing to school-appropriate music in a gymnasium not at a party in New Orleans.

6. You sometimes feel like you’re walking through a jungle on the way to class because of the plants in almost every corner of the school.

7. You’re not really sure what purpose your lanyard serves, but you wear it anyway.

8. Nothing makes you more self-conscious than realizing a teacher has been monitoring you on DyKnow all class.

9. You pay for lunch with your thumb.

10. You visit a convent daily without seeing any nuns.

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