Students stay productive using IPhones

McNicholas students use many resources to help stay productive.  Using an iPhone to be productive is one surprising way that students can stay on top of busy schedules.  There are thousands of apps that are available to iPhone users, and though these tend to be games that promote distraction rather than productivity, there is a multitude of apps that can help students get on task, and stay on task.,


This app can help students stay on top of assignments by sending a reminder when homework is due. Students can use this app to manage their schedule and events that are coming up. Senior Melissa Scheidler uses iHomework to help her keep her grades up and know when assignments are due.

“This app helps me so much by keeping me on track with my homework and notifies me when I have a test coming up,” Scheidler said.


This popular social media site is just one of the many apps that students use to stay productive.  One way Pinterest can help a student is that it promotes creativity.  Pinterest has many creative ideas that students use in their everyday lives.  Senior Carly Dugan uses Pinterest to help her get creative with school work.

“I love my Pinterest so much because it can help me do anything, from getting ideas for a project or finding tips on how to stay organized,” Dugan said. “Pinterest also helps me be more creative with assignments because of all the cute ideas.”

7 Minute Workout

The App Store has hundreds of workout apps available, but many McNicholas students agree that the 7 Minute Workout is among the best.  This app lets anyone fit a workout into their routine when time is short.  Senior Emily Fortin uses this app when she is busy and wants to fit in a workout.

“I like the app because it’s short, so it works whenever I have free time,” Fortin said.


This app has over 80 languages, and is very helpful for students involved in foreign languages.  It helps foreign language students understand and learn a language.  Senior Sam Zou uses this app because of how useful it is.

“It gives me the definition of the word and it tells me how to use in the sentence,” Zou said.


This music app gives students the opportunity to add songs to a personal playlist.  There are millions of songs to choose from to get students motivated. Music is a fun way to stay productive while doing homework, working out, or doing other activities.  Senior Taylor Edwards uses Spotify to help her stay focused.

“Spotify helps me stay motivated when I am doing my homework and working out,” Taylor said.


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