Jesuit universities recruit McNicholas students

As the 2013-2014 school year moves into the fourth quarter, sophomores and juniors are beginning to look more seriously at their options for life after high school. This can be overwhelming for students who are still learning to manage the responsibilities they already have. To make this momentous decision less intimidating, many schools, including McNicholas, have representatives come now to speak to sophomores and juniors. One such presentation was the Jesuit Excellence Tour (JET) at McNick on March 24.

Representatives from Jesuit schools from around the country spoke to McNicholas’ sophomore and junior students about their university’s size, focus, popular and strong programs, and athletics. Visiting universities included Marquette University, Loyola University of Chicago, University of Scranton, Fordham University, Xavier University, and Le Moyne University among others. More schools can be found on the JET website and in the booklet.

Both the Jesuit tradition and McNick’s mission aim at educating the mind, heart, and spirit of each of its students. “In my college search, I found the Jesuit universities to be very helpful in the application process,” said senior Sarah Ruwe.


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