Broaden your horizons: summer programs at universities offer extended learning

During the summer, there are various opportunities offered by universities near and far to help high schoolers become better acclimated to the field of study they plan to pursue, and help introduce them to a wide range of possibilities that they may be considering.  Over the past few weeks, the Guidance Department has made sure to send emails regarding these summer opportunities, yet many students disregard the emails and are left with little or no information about them.  These opportunities can benefit anyone, whether they plan to major in Journalism, Engineering, Fashion and Design, Theatre, Science, or Law.

“It’s beneficial to be around people who are interested in the same thing you are; it’s good for networking,” guidance counselor Mr. Wehrman said. ”You might meet people you will go to school with.”

For students interested in journalism, Northern Kentucky University and Ohio University are the places to go over the summer. From June 17-21, NKU will be hosting a workshop called “Journalism in the Digital Age,”  and from July 9-12, Ohio University will be hosting  their own journalism program, which has been specifically tailored for high school students.

The Ohio State University, Wright State University, and the University of Dayton are the places to take a closer look this summer if engineering is a desired career path.  OSU will be hosting “WiE Rise (Women in Engineering),” Wright State will be holding a basic Engineering program, and Dayton will hold a “Women in Engineering” summer camp.

A workshop held by The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising  will be perfect for anyone with an eye for style.  They will be hosting several workshops in various locations, the closest being in Orange County, Florida.

Those who are interested in theatre can begin their college search with Wright State which will be holding a Performance Theatre program, running July 6-11.

There are various branches of sciences covered throughout the programs offered by universities and hospitals over the summer. Specifically, Xavier University will be holding a Jump Start program from July 6-19 that will focus mainly on pre-med and forensics.  Wright State will also be hosting a forensic science program from July 27-August 1, as well as a food science program from July 13-18.  Additionally, an eight week long Sickle Cell Science Program will be offered by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.  There are two separate opportunities for this program, which will begin either on June 2, ending the week of July 21, or June 16, ending the week of August 4.

Students wanting to pursue Law can take a closer look at the programs offered by Wright State.  They will be hosting a program called “Law and Government” running July 20-25.






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