McNicholas students compete at CEAS

On Wednesday, March 5, the University of Cincinnati invited area high schools to compete in its annual physics and engineering competition at the College of Engineering and Applied Science.

The eight AP Physics students who represented McNicholas in the two-part competition were seniors Mark Flatt, Paxton Knight, Anthony Luster, Andrew Pearson, Cameron Roesel, Grant Tore, Jacob Woeste, and junior Cicy Zhang.

The first part of the competition tested the students’ ability to solve problems related to physics. Students representing each school worked as a team to solve the problem and determine the correct answer. The second part involved engineering where teams were given five essays prompting them to consider environmental issues.

“[The essays] were related to our lives and encouraged us to think about engineering in our lives as well as saving energy and being eco-friendly,” Zhang said.

These prompts are meant to inspire students to develop skills that they’ll need in many other aspects of life as well as engineering skills. “I like this competition because it has students working as a team and using critical thinking skills, analytical skills, and application processes to come up with solutions to real life problems,” AP Physics Teacher Jonathan Spurlock said.

Twenty-six schools were represented at UC, but many more were involved across the nation.

The teams will have the final results later in the year, and the national competition will be held from June 27-July 1.

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