Photography students spend a day at the Zoo

On Friday April 11, the Photo 1, Photo 2, and AP Photo/Computer Graphics classes took a field trip to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden.

The Photo 1 class was assigned a project which entailed taking 24-28 pictures that represented all of the shooting techniques they have learned throughout the school year. After choosing the eight to ten best  photos, students will develop them, using methods such as Sepia Toning, Solarizing, Texture fillers, Contrast Filters, and Dodging & Burning.

“I enjoyed going because it has been years since I have been to the zoo, and it’s nice to get out of the classroom,” junior and Photo 1 student Daria Hofmann said.

Throughout the school year, the Photography 2 class has created a website containing multiple pages and a blog.  The students will add a ‘Zoo Page’ which will contain the pictures they took during the field trip.

AP Photo/Computer Graphics students are working on a collaborative project. For the project, the AP Photo students shot pictures of animals and will give the finished products to the Computer Graphics students.  From there, the Computer Graphics students will create a poster illustrating an alphabet made of animals according to the first letter of their names.

“I gained an overall appreciation for the beautiful creatures from around the world,” senior and AP Photo student Danielle Piening said. “And I gained some pretty cool pictures of the animals at the zoo, too.”

“Once the posters are designed, they will be printed and laminated.  They will be donated to Guardian Angels school to hang in the library for the elementary students,” Photography and Computer Graphics teacher Ellyn Whiteash explained.

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