Face the screams of the Banshee this season at KI

This year, roller coaster enthusiasts have another reason to spend endless hours at Kings Island during the summer months.  The new coaster, Banshee, is a record-setting inverted ride that features the blood-curdling scream of the namesake creature all throughout.  The ride’s line features a ghostly path through the graves of past roller coasters, including the Son of the Beast, which inhabited the site prior to its demolishment.

The 2 minute and 40 second long ride contains  total of 4124.1 feet of track including 7 inversions and a terrifying shriek on the highest drop.  On Kings Island’s opening day April 18, those who stood in line had to wait a full 4 hours before getting to experience the coaster.

Avid roller coaster rider and season pass holder junior Lauren Riley said, “I liked how it was something different from the normal roller coaster, and it created a unique experience unlike any other ride that I’ve ridden.”  Luckily, Riley only had to wait in line for an hour, but she said that the wait was well worth it in the end.

Students who have yet to see the newest coaster are definitely looking forward to the thrilling ride.  Due to the busy school year, junior Jenna Lawrence has not been able to make time for the trip to Kings Island, but plans to purchase a day pass for an exciting day there as soon as the school year ends.

“It’s new and I like riding all the coasters.  It could be the best thing ever,” junior Jenna Lawrence said. “I’m curious to see all the loops because they give me a rush.”

Students at McNicholas can receive discounted prices for Kings Island by grabbing either a discount voucher from the front office or from Guidance.  Regular day tickets can be purchased online for $43.99 each as well as Season Passes for 6 payments of $15.  For more information, including hours, visit Kings Island’s website.


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