Photography welcomes student teacher

For the first eight weeks of the school year, the McNicholas photography classes will welcome the assistance of student teacher, Ms. Hannah Zimmerman.

Zimmerman is a current student at Miami University and has begun her student teaching at McNick in order to fulfill her requirements for her double major in Art Education and Studio Art.

“My time here at McNick allows me to learn from my cooperating teacher (Mrs. Ellyn Whiteash) and gain experience in planning and teaching lessons within an art classroom so that I will be prepared to teach classes on my own when I get my first job after graduation,” Zimmerman explained.

After only four weeks of teaching with Whiteash, Zimmerman expressed that she has already learned of various valuable aspects to teaching in the Fine Arts.

“I have really enjoyed working with the students, and I’ve learned that they bring a lot of creative energy with them. It’s really exciting for me to hear their thoughts and ideas each day and work with them as they learn and create,” Zimmerman said. “Additionally, Mrs. Whiteash has established a really positive learning environment within all of her classes so it’s been great to see how that impacts student engagement in the classroom.”

Zimmerman will be at McNick until Oct. 10. She will then go to the Mason Early Childhood Center, where she will complete the remainder of the semester instructing alongside their kindergarten art teacher.

Zimmerman will graduate from Miami University in December.  Whiteash shared some advice for Zimmerman.

“I think a good photography teacher helps students to see ordinary environments in extraordinary ways.  My goal is to encourage students to develop an appreciation for photography,” Whiteash said. “My students learn how to shoot manually, and I believe this is imperative in developing a well-rounded photographer.  I hope that after students leave my class they continue in the field of photography either as a hobby or a professional.”


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