Thespians participate in annual cookie dough sale


From Aug. 18-29, the McNicholas Theatre Boosters hosted their annual cookie dough sale.

Cookie dough, caramel corn, and chocolates were ordered by students, teachers, parents, and others wishing to support the arts. Theatre students sold these products for the benefit of supporting the theatre program.  Specifically, the sales gathered from the fundraiser go towards lowering the price for students to attend the Thespian State Conference and to allow the theatre to host more events and shows.

“Our goal is really to raise money to help support the theatre.  Between all of our shows and the Thespian State Conference, we really try to raise as much money as we can,” said senior Katie Farr.  “Also, it is good publicity for the Theatre.  When we sell the cookie dough, we want to get the word out to everyone about McNick’s theatre program.”

Ms. Teresa DeZarn is entering her third year as head of McNicholas High School’s theatre program.  For the past two years, her fall productions Is He Dead and Over the Tavern have won first place/full production presentation at the  Thespian State Conference.  In addition to performing at the State Conference, McNicholas has received outstanding grade in Monologue in 2014, first place State Conference by Scott Frenzel in 2013, and first place in Ohio for duet mime by Scott Frenzel and Emma Kapp in 2014.  McNicholas is also a member of the International Thespian Society, Troop 4737.

Farr said that they do a lot of shows with intricate sets and costumes, so they need as much fundraising as they can get.  “It’s our biggest fundraiser,” Farr said,  “so it’s really important that we sell a lot.”

For thespians and theatre students, the usual requirement is ten tubs of cookie dough.

“Generally the number to reach is ten tubs, but our highest this year was in the fifties,” said theatre student, Mitch Hartwell.  Upperclassmen thespians and theatre students are expected to sell more.

The cookie dough, from a company called Savory Foods, will arrive at the end of September.

“It is run by our wonderful Theatre Booster parents who support all of our special activities and shows,” DeZarn said.

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