Parking lot etiquette: Basic rules disregarded daily, students put at risk

The 2014-2015 school year is but a month in and already, problems in the parking lot exist. Student drivers flock to their parking spots every morning, only to be obstructed by the increased number of parents dropping off anywhere and students walking across the line of traffic.

While parents and students have been informed of the traffic rules and regulations for drop off via the weekly school newsletter, the safety hazard continues. Upon entering the parking lot, parents must only drop off at the island and must pull up as far as possible on either side. When exiting the lot, parents are not to turn right down Brachman (the one-way road between the upper parking lot and Mt. Washington Presbyterian Church), but instead are supposed to continue to the traffic light, back onto Beechmont.

Student drivers must stop and wait for those who are exiting their vehicles or walking into the aisle way. Time is very important to many in the morning, however, with the increased number of students being dropped off in the mornings, parents tend to park in the open slots, causing students who drive to be tardy.
Some years seem to be better than others when it comes to parking lot chaos. Formerly, senior lot was the football field, and parking in Paradise was not available like it is today. Consequently, lower lot was the only lot used for parking, which left it only to seniors. This type of problem never arose in the past, because seniors were the only ones who drove.

Principal Patty Beckert shed some insight onto how the parking lot should be handled. “I encourage everyone to look at all times and be aware of their surroundings,” she said.

When parents choose to follow the correct protocol, drop off is smooth and efficient.
As a short-term solution, a traffic cone could be placed at the point where parents are supposed to stop, which would keep the flow of traffic moving, especially in the mornings.

While it is still only the beginning of the year, parents and students have a chance to prove that they can effectively ensure safety in the morning. With proper attention to the newsletter, they can be aware of any new rules as they arise. Perhaps, by the end of the year, the guidelines will be followed and the parking lot will be made a safer place.

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