Senior Rockets perform in bands

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As the cooler months begin to quickly approach and the number of things to do around town begin to lessen, it’s easy to forget the many opportunities that lie within the McNick community itself. Seniors Nate Hazzard, Eric Frey, and Augie Giambrone are all members of bands outside of school and perform gigs on a month to month basis.

Finished Falling is a pop-punk/hard rock band composed of brothers Nate and Zach Hazzard, and Eric Frey. Zach graduated in 2014 from McNick and now attends Miami University. The band officially formed in 2012 with Frey on the drums, Zach playing the guitar, and Nate as lead vocals and bass, as well as the primary song writer for the band.

Since forming two years ago, the trio has recorded three of their twelve singles: Turn Your Head, The World Always Knows, and Never Came Back. According to Frey, they have gigs every month and a half or so and they are shooting to perform again in early December but don’t have a specific date yet. Both Frey and Nate agree that the best part of being in a band is the fans.

“The people who come out and support us make what we do fun.  Without fans showing up, we’d just be playing to an empty room…which would be awkward,” Nate said.

This coming fall, also be on the lookout for SpearPoint featuring Senior Augie Giambrone. Giambrone is the only Rocket in the band of five and plays guitar for the group. They have been performing together for six years now and have fourteen original songs.

“Our cover songs range from the 50’s to now and our originals are more on the modern rock side,” Giambrone said.

Seven of the fourteen songs are professionally recorded and can be found at

The band primarily plays in the summer but has shows periodically throughout the fall and winter months as well, which tend to be their primary recording months. Past venues include Great American Ballpark, Sawyer Point, The Kentucky Speedway, and many more. Giambrone plans on going to college close to home to continue to perform throughout college.

More information on both bands can be found on their Facebook pages at SpearPoint and Finished Falling.

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