Rockets for Life participate in 40 Days for Life

McNicholas’ Rockets for Life Club strives to defend the dignity of human life from conception to natural death. Club members participate in many activities to raise awareness on this issue including Pro-Life Leadership and Apologetics Trainings, March for Life/Youth Rally and Mass in Washington, D.C., and Crochet for a Cause. New this year, the club will be choosing a location for a Nativity display that will be put up in December. They also host 40 Days of Life events in the fall and sponsor a Spring Baby Shower, where they collect bottles and diapers for Pregnancy Center East.

One major event for the club and other pro-life advocates is the 40 Days for Life that span from Sept. 26 to Nov. 2. During this period, many activities and displays take place such as the Day of Silence on Oct. 21, Cupcake Day on Oct. 9, and a display of blue and pink flags in the McNicholas courtyard making all who see it aware of the number of babies aborted each year in the United States. The 40 Days for Life is larger than just McNicholas though; it is the largest organized pro-life movement in the world. Every hour during these 40 days, there are pro-life supporters protesting and praying outside of abortion clinics around the world.

Senior Maggie Sheehan explained that when she is protesting, ”It feels good to know that I’m standing up for what I believe is right and just.”

Students who are not in the Rockets for Life Club but want to participate in some of their activities, can contact Ms. Tracey Canisalez or Sheehan for information. There is also a group on Schoology that McNicholas students can join to see current activities and Twitter users can follow the group at @McNforLife.

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