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Shantytown 2014: McNick raises homelessness awareness

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On Oct. 9, McNicholas Service Club seniors gathered in the McNicholas courtyard for the night to help raise homelessness awareness

The group gathered at 6 p.m. and began their night with a walk to the Mt. Washington Kroger. Each student was allotted $2, one for their evening meal and one for breakfast. Students were not allowed to pull their money together to make a larger purchase, forcing students to get creative. Senior Jordan Lau used her money on an apple and a mini pack of doughnuts, while senior Julia Snider used her money on a box of cereal.

When the students returned to campus they were greeted by Ramin Mohajer, the Executive Director of Faces without Places, a Cincinnati based organization striving to provide educational opportunities to children experiencing homelessness. He showed a video on the children in Cincinnati experiencing homelessness and offered ways for the group to get involved locally.

While the temperatures stayed warmer than last year, the rain did not hold back. Students did not let this interfere, despite the many challenges brought on by the conditions.

“It really showed me what people go through every single day. It helped me to understand that they have no other choice and really do need our help. The rain was an obstacle but gave us even more sense of what real homelessness is like,” senior Kelly Cole said.

Senior Jordan Whitmore said, “I learned so much more about homelessness, which had never really crossed my mind in daily life. I [had] 2 bananas to last me through the night and breakfast.”

Cole added, “It isn’t easy to wake up the next morning and go to school, but children are forced to do it every day. Once you let yourself understand what you are doing, it’s hard to handle, yet eye-opening.”

About Kayla Abbitt

Kayla Abbitt is a first year Journalism student and staff reporter for the Milestone. She is a member of the cross country team, a peer mentor, and a three year student ambassador. In her free time you will find her with her friends and listening to music.


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