The Milestone explores cryptic legends in the Cincinnati area

This holiday season, the fear of frightening tales and urban legends is heightened along with the anticipation of Halloween night.  In movies and television shows, it’s often a delight to watch mysterious plots take place.  Little do many know, however, that such events occur only minutes away from their own homes in the Cincinnati area.  Explore along with the Milestone the mysterious happening which you may encounter sooner rather than later this Halloween weekend.

Lick Road

lick road

Where: Cincinnati, Ohio

What: According to legend, a woman named Amy was killed by her boyfriend on this cryptic country road.  According to one of the most popular stories of haunted area, people report that after parking in the area and turning off the car, they witnessed steam form,  and the phrase “Help Me!” being inscribed.

Bobby Mackey’s Music World

bobby mackey

Where: Wilder, Kentucky

What: This place is rumored to be viciously haunted.  According to Creepy Cincinnati, this building was the center of satanic cult meetings which are rumored to have practiced sacrificial rituals on animals and people. In the building, there is a well that was used by the cults as part of their practices because it is said to be a portal to Hell.

Peaceful Valley

peaceful valley

Where: Stonelick Township, Clermont County

What: Behind St. Philomena’s church in Stonelick Township, there is rumored to be a satanic cult which meets in the surrounding valley in the early hours of the morning.   According to  Forgotten Ohio, the cult has been known to throw knives and other weapons to make visitors flee.

Satan’s Hallow

satan's hallow

Where: Blue Ash, Ohio

What: According to Creepy Cincinnati, a series of drainage tunnels was used as the location of the practices of a satanic cult.  Rituals involved dark masses, animal sacrifices, human sacrifices, and conjuring of demonic spirits.  A shadow man is said to lurk around the area along with screams of terror throughout the night.

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