McNick rides through French Week


McNick celebrated la Semaine Nationale de Francias, also known as National French Week, from November 10-14.  French teacher Mrs. Julie Dill first began celebrating the week in 2008.  The different levels of the French classes at McNick each learned different things that have to do with not only the French language but the culture as well. In class, students presented reports on Paris monuments, famous French people, and French-speaking countries.

French students began each day by reading a prayer in French during the announcements and they also asked French trivia questions of the entire student body each morning.

“Prayer is stressful because you have to find students that want to do it and they have to be there by 7:30.  We also have to come up with trivia questions for each day which takes a lot of preparation,” Dill said.

On Thursday, a group of students gathered for an authentic French dinner at La Petite France, and the highlight of the week was the annual McNick Tour de France, where student teams from each French class compete on bicycles to win the maillot jaune.  This year’s winners were Alex Burch and Katelyn Keiser (French I), Eric Collet and Jacob Scott (French II), and Matthew Massie and Mena Trevino (French III).

“The Tour de France is very exciting and is the highlight of the year.  The winners get their picture taken with their shirts,” Dill said.

The week was created to raise more awareness for the language that sometimes can get over looked.

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