The Pre-December Debate: Is it too early to celebrate Christmas?

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As we draw closer to Thanksgiving, some are already looking past it… Christmas! The Christian season of Advent doesn’t start until Nov. 30, but many have already begun hanging up Christmas lights, shopping online, and blasting Christmas music through their radios. So, is it too early to start celebrating Christmas?

In my humble opinion, this a question that is personal. I am neither annoyed nor pleased with people celebrating Christmas in November. I believe that Christmas is a time for personal and spiritual growth and people can decide for themselves when to start celebrating it and what to do with it.  However, I believe that we mustn’t look past the great holiday of Thanksgiving. So I have decided to leave it up to you, the reader of this editorial to decide if it is too early to celebrate Christmas in the month of November. To help with your decision, I have decided to include both sides of this debate.

So, is it too early to celebrate Christmas?

No, it is not too early to celebrate Christmas! November is a cruel month. We have already seen the leaves and snowflakes fall from the sky and we have dealt with the tumultuous temperatures and early sunsets. I think we could all use some Christmas joy to help us through the (literally) dark month of November. Nice days are rare in November so if a sunny day comes upon us, it is the perfect time to put up those Christmas lights and go to the mall for some holiday shopping on a budget! You also don’t want to deal with the uncertainty of waiting for packages to arrive at your house before it’s too late. So you have to get your holiday shopping done early. Of course, we can’t forget about the abundance of holiday songs and television programs that been made available for our viewing and listening pleasure. We have missed listening to the anthems of Christmas and we never grow tired of listening to the cheerfulness of the songs that we have listened to for our whole lives. There’s so many to choose from and you surely can’t listen to them all in 25 days, you have to start now!  There is so much to do and see in so little time, so you have to see the sights of Christmas and go to as many Christmas concerts as you can. Christmas time is full of happiness and anticipation and it is a time meant for celebration with your friends and family. Who wouldn’t want it to last as long as it can?

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Yes, it is too early to celebrate Christmas! Christmastime is a wonderful time, but we need to focus on what really matters during this time. Thanksgiving is almost upon us and we need to realize the significance of the holiday.  Believe it or not, Thanksgiving is about being thankful for what you have. We can’t spend all of Thanksgiving Day by ignoring time with our families to buy things. Thanksgiving is for giving thanks, not wishing for things. As a Christian, I believe that Jesus was against materialism. He might even be the least materialistic person to ever set foot on this great Earth. He didn’t have a lot, but he sure was thankful for all the things his father gave him.  I don’t think he would appreciate millions of people leaving Thanksgiving dinner to fight their way through the checkout lines.  I don’t think Jesus appreciates seeing workers work instead of eating turkey and talking to their families. Christmas is so commercialized, and we lose sight of what really matters because we are so concerned with getting presents and getting good deals on Black Friday. The time spent with your family is always worth more than the amount you save on deals for Christmas presents. Are we forgetting the reason for the season? It’s CHRISTmas, not LIST-mas! There’s no issue with people getting into the spirit of Christmas this early, but it is becoming too commercialized. Christmas is a time for inner growth. Maybe instead of waiting in line for a flat screen, we could use that time to do charity work or talk to someone that makes a difference in our lives. Thanksgiving is a time for family, food, and faith. I suggest focusing on what really counts this thanksgiving instead of counting the amount of money you can save. The mince pies, candy canes, egg-nog, and cookies might not taste as good after weeks of consumption. The Christmas songs get old after a while. Let’s take advantage of Thanksgiving by giving thanks and having good conversations with our family. Then, we can use the Christmas season to grow spiritually in anticipation of Christ. There’s plenty of time to wait. That’s why Advent doesn’t start until Nov. 30. The Church gives us plenty of time to watch the television shows we have waited a year for and there’s plenty of time for Christmas songs to get stuck in our heads.  The season of Advent is the right amount of time for the excitement of Christmas. If it were any longer, we would have a better time waiting for Christmas than celebrating the day itself. We should all take a step back and realize the importance of a historic holiday that is unique to the United States of America……..Thanksgiving!


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