McNicholas Band marches to Championships

The McNicholas Marching Band, directed by Mr.Keith Nance, recently attended the Class A Championships at Norwood’s Shea Stadium in early November. The band consists of 25 members, including seven percussionists, five saxophonists, three trumpeters, two clarinetists, one bass clarinetist, one flutist, and one player each of French horn, tuba, and trombone.

With a theme of music from The Beach Boys, the band began its championship season by winning First Place overall, Best Music, and Best General Effect at the LaSalle High School competition on Oct. 11. According to Nance, this was their best competition.

“Band is like any other sports team. Each week you get a little better and that was the competition where everything clicked,” Nance said.

The Rocket Band came in 2nd at competitions at Goshen and Bellevue and received Best Percussion at Bellevue. After competing at Western Brown High School, they came in 1st and were awarded Best Visual Performance in Class A. They continued on to the Mid States Championships at Norwood Shea Stadium and competed against 21 other Class A bands. The band finished in 13th place.

To prepare for a competition or football game, the band practiced two days a week and attended a two week long music camp over the summer.


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