DIY Wonderland: The Milestone’s guide to the best and easiest Christmas gifts

Christmas is only a month away, which means it’s time to start making lists and checking them twice. Giving gifts is arguably the best part of the season, but buying for your mother, father, brothers, sisters, and all your friends can really add up. This Christmas, grab your Mason jars and hot glue guns for these easy DIY Christmas gifts that won’t strain your wallet.

Cake jars

For a sweet treat your friend will love, bake their favorite cake and allow it to cool. After at least an hour, you can begin making the jars. Add a layer of cake to the bottom and cover it with frosting. Then add another layer of cake and cover that with frosting. Repeat until the jar is almost full. Cover the top layer of cake with frosting, caramel sauce, or powdered sugar and close the lid tightly. Attach a label to a ribbon and tie it around the lid. Your friend is sure to love whatever you give them, but be sure you don’t make these too far ahead of time so they stay fresh.

Cake Jar

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Peppermint scrub

To make this festive variation of a sugar scrub, mix one cup of sugar, one-third of a cup of baby oil, two tablespoons of corn syrup, one-half of a teaspoon of peppermint extract, and one drop of green food coloring together. Put the mixture in a half pint jar and tie a ribbon around the lid. This scrub is gentle enough to use on faces, but the receiver should first test it on their hand or arm.

Peppermint Scrub

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Snowman building kit

If someone you love wants to build a snowman, then look no further. To create this kit, you need a chalkboard pen, labels, candy corn, chocolate chips, stick pretzels, marshmallows, plastic bags, twist ties, and ribbon. Take one marshmallow and cut it in two. Cut another marshmallow in half, then cut around it to make a smaller circle for the head. Press chocolate chips into the bigger marshmallow halves for the buttons. Place the marshmallows, one piece of candy corn, and two stick pretzels in a bag and close the bag with a twist tie. If you want, tie a ribbon around the bag. Write a message on the labels and attach it to the kit. There’s just one catch: it has to be a snowman.



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Candy Sleigh

This quick and easy gift is perfect for candy lovers. To create this edible art piece, hot glue two candy canes to the bottom of a candy box. To avoid melting, use a sturdy box containing something other than chocolate for the base. After the hot glue has dried, you can begin stacking chocolate bars and more boxes of candy on top of one another. Add a Santa-shaped chocolate to the front. When you’re finished, tie everything together with a ribbon. If you like, you can add a bow to the top.

Candy Sleigh

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For a more lasting gift, try making your own ornament. You’ll need clear, blank ornaments (these can be found at most craft stores), two pages of sheet music, scissors, and a ribbon. Take your sheet music, remove the margins, and then cut the papers into strips. Remove the metal top from one of the clear ornaments and put five to seven strips of paper inside. Gently shake the ornament so that all of the strips settle in nicely. Repeat until the entire inside of the ornament is covered. Replace the metal top, tie a ribbon to it so that it can be hung on your loved one’s Christmas tree.


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