Students miss valuable time with their family due to working on the holidays


Many people have to miss quality time with their family and friends during the holidays because of work.  A lot of jobs require their workers to work during the major “holidays” of Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas Eve.  The holiday season should be a season filled with family and friends, but instead, many people have to work for no benefits and no additional pay.

“I work on the holidays for minimum wage and no benefits,” said senior Nicole Scott, a server at Pelican’s Reef.

Students who work during the holidays should be mindful about requesting important dates off such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.  They are more likely to get those days off if they are first to request to their employer.

Many people might think that it is stressful to work on the holidays, but not everyone does.  Students who need or want money during the holidays are willing to sacrifice some of their holiday time to earn another dollar.

“It makes things busier, but it is easy spending money during the holidays,” Scott said.

Besides the money, there is no reason that someone should be missing time with their families because of work during the holidays.  A lot of people work year-round with holidays being no exception.

Holidays should be an exception, though.  It is not okay to be forced to work and miss out on important social events, especially when no benefits or extra pay are offered by the workplace. This holiday season, take some time off work, spend time with family and friends, and most of all, be safe.

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