Breaking down exam study time

On Dec. 17, Rockets will begin three days of midterms. With increased stress around this time, these tips will not only help you ace exams but retain every bit of information needed, while still keeping your sanity.

Start with breathing.

Relaxing and breathing deeply can limit stress on an overloaded brain. Sit back and let the mind go blank for just a few minutes. When studying resumes, the brain will be better equipped to remember any and all information. Keep peppermint candies close at hand to help you stay calm when you’re facing stress overload.

Take a break every now and then.

While studying is a must, overloading yourself isn’t good for retaining information either. Take a breath, grab a snack, or crank the music and dance around your room for five minutes. Avoid social media, though, since it can sometimes be difficult to shut down after five minutes. To avoid temptation, log out of all social media apps before beginning to study.

Remember to keep your breaks short and infrequent. They’re good to a point, but you need to give yourself enough time to learn everything you need.

Senior Class Vice President Caroline Jorden said, “I drink a cup of coffee an hour or so before, and then I take a nap between studying for each class.”

Study with friends.

While studying together can offer distractions, it can also help in the studying process as well. By adding more than one way of thinking and notes on a section of information makes the studying seem less intimidating, but also make it fun and easier to understand.

“I go off the study guides and through my notes and old tests. It seems to work for me,” Jorden said.

Make yourself comfortable.

Sitting upright in a stiff chair might be the go to thing for studying since it limits the head bob from lack of sleep and the occasional slouch. However, being comfortable while studying can tell your brain and body that it isn’t as much of a drag as it may seem.

Sit in a comfy pair of sweats, socks, slippers, maybe even pajamas. Becoming relaxed can help ease stress, which can lead to a better studying time.

Keeping your body physically fueled with snacks can help you stay alert and finish those study guides, but avoid too much caffeine. Water is always the best way to go.

Take the exam.

If you prepared, studied, and paid attention in your classes, taking the exam will be just another test. Completing the exam will be another weight off of your shoulders. If you do your best, then the rest is nothing to worry about.

Once one exam is over, continue studying for your others. Preparing officially ceases when the final bell on Friday rings and Christmas Break begins.

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