What would you do differently? Student body takes over McNick


At McNick, many students feel very strongly about the policies that are held high by the current school administrators.  In a recent poll sent to students, they were asked one simple question: If you ran McNick, what would you do differently?

Numerous students said that they would cut the policy of wearing uniforms, while other students disagreed with this.  The reason they disagreed with cutting uniforms is because they do not have to pick out what they have to wear each day.

“I like uniforms because it does not take me forever to get ready in the morning,” freshman Anne Ricky said.

Another point of emphasis was that of free food.  Many students feel that all the food should be completely free.  Although that may be hard to accomplish considering how much food students eat, many members of the student body said they would try to make happen if they ran McNick.

Other things that students said they would change included no gym class, school starting later, and no homework.

“In all honesty I really like it here at McNick except for homework,” sophomore Cameron Haynes said.

Assuming that homework will always be a staple at McNick, like many other schools, some students have a solution.

“I would make it to where the due date for all your assignments for all classes was at the end of the quarter,” sophomore Anna Kellerman said.

With that being said, the unanimous decision was that McNick is a great place for students to learn.  The whole student body agreed that they like McNick and that they feel very comfortable here.

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