McNicholas families celebrate Christmas with unique traditions

Christmas is right around the corner, and McNick families are preparing with a few odd traditions. After asking around, the Milestone compiled the top four unique Christmas traditions.

Pickle Ornaments                 

Sophomore Katie Schoolfield’s family gathers around the Christmas tree at her grandpa’s house to search for two non-traditional ornaments: Two pickles, a big one and a small one, hanging on the tree waiting to be found. The children look for the smaller one and the adults try to find the larger one. The prize, of course, for finding them first is a present.

Arby’s Christmas Eve Dinner

Senior Nick Keri’s family goes to Arby’s for a Christmas Eve dinner every year. They pick up their dinner and bring it home to eat and enjoy time with their family.

“I like having a unique tradition that can always get me weird looks when I bring it up. It separates me from the status quo of Christmas celebrations,” Keri said.

Lobster Advent Calendar

English teacher Mrs. Angie Noble and her kids have a very unique tradition. Eleven years ago, her son started using a lobster off the end of a broken church-festival prize necklace that he had to mark the day on an Advent calendar. Now her kids race every morning to move the lobster from the previous day to the current day in their countdown to Christmas.

Nutcracker on Christmas Eve

Every year on Christmas Eve, freshman Janie Ferris and her family see the Nutcracker. Before heading to the ballet, the family goes out to eat. Afterwards, there is a Christmas Eve party with her aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Do you have any unique Christmas traditions? If so, leave a comment!


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