Alumni Manager keeps the Rocket family together

In November, the Class of 2009 celebrated their reunion. On the second Saturday of every month, the Alumni Bowling League meets for a few games at Cherry Grove. In May, the Alumni Golf League will begin. The calendar is full of events organized just so that the graduating classes of McNicholas High School can stay in touch. It’s true what they say: Once a Rocket, always a Rocket.

These get-togethers, however, don’t happen naturally. Setting them up takes careful consideration and planning. This is where Director of Alumni Relations and Special Events Shawn Young comes in.

Young, a member of McNick’s Class of 1982, has been McNick’s Manager of Alumni Relations and Special Events for almost a year. Before stepping into this role, the position was part of various other offices around McNick. Some years, the duties of the alumni director fell to the communications director, other years to development. Despite having no predecessor, Young has had an increasingly positive impact on the alumni community.

When speaking of what he aims to accomplish while in the position of alumni director, Young refers to graduates as a family. “The goal is to show people that McNicholas is a family,” Young said. “My goal is to reconnect the family.”

What he says is what he does. Alumni can stay up-to-date with McNick and their classmates by reading the monthly alumni newsletter, supporting the businesses of other alumni by searching through the Green Pages, reconnecting themselves to the community, joining the bowling or golf league, or cheering on teams like the Reds or the Cyclones during an outing.

Young works diligently to ensure the Rocket family stays together, but he needs the assistance of the alumni community. Over 11,000 have graduated from McNick, but all too often, the school loses contact with them. In order to stay in touch, students should start working with Young before graduation day. Seniors especially should start giving him phone numbers and email addresses.

“If you want your class to stay together, it takes some work and I’m here to help,” Young said. “It doesn’t seem like it is, but it’s important because once you walk out those doors, there are people you will never see again.”

Mr. Young Shawn Young

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