Twins roam halls of McNicholas

Over the years there have been many twins and triplets attend McNicholas.  Some siblings are best friends, while others compete in every aspect of their lives.  Siblings often have a great bond, but in the case of some twins they have a bond stronger than no other.  Some twins share so much in common, but others have nothing in common other than their birthdate.

Michael and Cameron Massa

The Massa brothers aren’t just a pair of twins, they are triplets.  The sophomores have a sister who attends St. Ursula, and they are all very close.  Michael said that Cameron is his best friend.  All three of the triplets played on a varsity sports team by their sophomore year, and they all get along.  Although Cameron and Michael are good friends they are different from each other in many ways.  Michael wears glasses and he is a lot taller than Cameron.  Cameron said that Michael is a very relaxed guy, and describes himself as a perfectionist.

“We both do golf and intramural basketball together, and despite the competition I like having Michael on my team because we work well together and have good chemistry,” Cameron Massa said.

Jonathan and Christiane Hazzard

Sophomores Christiane and Jonathan Hazzard are both musically inclined, but they differ any many other ways.  They enjoy to try and convince people that they have “twin telepathy” for the fun of it, but it doesn’t normally work.  For starters they are a different gender, so they never try and switch roles for the day.  They also are into different TV shows.

“Honestly, we are not very alike.  We like different TV shows, different sports, and generally have varying views on various things,” Jonathan said.

Twins often have a closer bond than they do with their other siblings, and in Christiane and Jonathan’s case is true to a certain extent, but Jonathan often talks to his older brothers about guy things.

Christiane said, “We’re definitely closer because we’re the same age, and we can relate with each other more so than with our other siblings.”

Hailey and Hannah Snyder

All twins have different relationships with each other.  Some are inseparable and others bicker quite often.  Sophomores Hailey and Hannah Snyder cheer together, but like all siblings, they fight sometimes.  They never feel as if they aren’t individuals, and they both enjoy being twins.

“We get along most of the time, but our parents compare us with our grades because we take a lot of the same courses,” Hannah said.

“I cheered my freshman year, and Hannah thought that it looked really fun, so she joined cheer, too.  I really like having my sister cheer with me,” Hailey said.

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