Annual Talent Show to showcase Rocket talent

talentshowOn March 6, McNicholas will host its annual talent show at 7:30 p.m. The event is hosted by the Theatre program, with the thespian officers being in charge, of the event, including holding the auditions. The auditions took place last week on Feb. 26 and 27. Thespian officer senior Katie Farr said that this year has much more variety than in year’s past. “This year we have a lot more variety, which is awesome. Usually we have a lot of singing acts, which are very good, but we love to welcome more than just that,” Farr said. “We have singing, dancing, guitar duels, standup comedy, and even a Rubik’s cube [act].”


Senior Nate Hazzard, who has regularly participated in the talent show and this year is performing a Taylor Swift mashup, said it’s a great way to showcase the school.
“It’s a great way to show all the diverse talents that McNick students possess,” Hazzard said. “It’s great to see all the talents that McNick has to offer from its students.”

The talent show is a cost of $2 per person. The event is annually sold out, so early arrival is recommended to guarantee a seat.

List of Acts

1. Lauren Dundon and Jackson Durm
2. Sean Reidy
3. Cameron Cheevers and Noah Kohl
4. Felicia Marino
5. Alec Marcum
6. Julia Williams
7. Abbey Taylor
8. Nate Hazzard and Emma Feld
9. Lauren Alvarez and Jacob Fries
10. “The Experience”


11. The Hazzard twins
12. Maia Forman
13. Brandon Walsh and Reagen Powers
14. Amy Liu
15. Alex Gerome
16. Sean Webb
17. Hannah Straub and Emma Brandt
18. Emma Kapp

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