Creativity shines through the students of McNick: Many plan to pursue art in college and beyond

With the recent signing of students who plan on pursuing sports throughout their career as college student, it seems that many people forget about the other paths taken seriously by incoming college freshmen in the arts.  Seniors Max Bartel, Kristie Ernst, Katie Farr, Sarah Foster, and Meg Scott have been recognized these past four years of high school for their frequent performances and works of art.  They don’t plan to stop their creativity within these walls. In fact, they all plan on pursuing art, whether performance or visual in college and beyond.

Senior Max Bartel will be attending Otterbein University, majoring in the Fine Arts degree of Acting.  Bartel chose the school due to its renowned theatre school.

“It offers many great opportunities for aspiring actors like myself,” Bartel explained.  “I also feel like going to a smaller school will give me more ‘bang for my buck’ and allow me to have a closer relationship with my teachers and other students.”

Bartel has taken theatre at McNicholas for all four years of high school, and has been taught by Director and Producer of Theatre Productions Teresa De Zarn for three years.

“Max has grown so much both in acting and in our relationship.  At first he didn’t know the work involved and didn’t always trust me,” De Zarn said. “I see him a lot like my own son, wanting to know how deep the water is before jumping.”

“Otterbein provides its theatre students with many opportunities outside of the school and definitely prepares them to pursue their craft after college,” Bartel said.

Senior Kristie Ernst will be attending either Xavier or Kent State next year majoring in advertising with a possible major in either art or graphic design.

“We looked into Kent state and I really liked it.  I think they have a lot to offer.  The idea of going to Xavier has pretty much always been around,” Ernst explained. “My parents both went there, so I learned about it early on.  Another big factor is that Cincinnati is where some of the biggest companies in the country, maybe even the world, have their headquarters, like P&G for example.  There are also many good ad agencies here in Cincinnati, too.”

Ernst has taken art at McNicholas for all four years of high school under the direction of art teacher Willy Corbett.

“Teaching Kristie has always been fun and challenging because she’s going in so many directions and has so many ideas for her future,” Corbett said.

Senior Katie Farr will be attending Ohio University with a double major in theatre and education. Farr chose the school for its beautiful campus and the experience of sitting in on one of their theatre classes.

“From the first time I toured it I knew I wanted to go there,” Farr said. “When I went there to audition and sit in on some theatre based classes, I knew that’s where I wanted to go.”

Farr has taken theatre all four years of high school, and has been taught by De Zarn for three years.  “Katie is extremely dedicated and has a very good attitude.  She’s always eager to learn and jumps at every opportunity,” De Zarn said.

Senior Sarah Foster will be attending the University of Cincinnati to study Graphic Communication Design through the DAAP Program.  Foster chose the school and program due to its prestigious status.

“I chose this particular school because the DAAP program is known as one of the five best design schools in the world,” Foster said.

Foster is currently enrolled in a Graphic Design class and has been taught by the new Photography and Visual Communications teacher Elizabeth Scheidler and former teacher Ellyn Whiteash.

“Sarah is very eager to learn. She is a very talented artist and is always up for challenging assignments that I give her. She is like a sponge just wanting to know everything about the world of graphic design.”

“I want to have a network of people I can design for without working for a company,” said Foster, who hopes to own an independent graphic design company.


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