Rocket athletes compete year round

According to the McNicholas website, approximately 65% of students participated in one or more of the sports programs last year among the 42 teams and squads in 23 sports sponsored by McNicholas. In the midst of that 65%, several athletes transitioned from season to season participating in three different sports year round.

Senior Nicole Geygan and her sophomore sister Jaclyn have more in common than just sisterhood. They are teammates on the tennis, basketball, and softball teams. Going from season to season and playing all year round has become a normality according to Nicole.

“Tennis to basketball is the hardest transition because you go from playing an individual sport with quick movements and not much running to a team sport where you’re constantly running the whole 32 minutes,” Nicole said.

Wasting no time getting involved in Rocket athletics, freshman Thomas Moore has taken on a full year of sports. In the fall, Moore plays on the football team, he wrestles in the winter, and this spring he will pole vault on the track and field team. Moore’s priority sport is pole vaulting and he intends to further his track and field career in college.

Sophomore Morgan Vogler plays volleyball, basketball, and is a sprinter on the track and field team. Vogler believes staying actively involved in sports keeps her from slacking off in school.

“Every once in a while when I have two practices in one night and I have a lot of homework I will feel stressed, but I manage it pretty well. Getting your homework done on Sunday and always staying on top of your school work is so important,” Vogler said.

The introduction of the lacrosse teams this year has sparked the interest of many including junior Nick Staderman. In addition to lacrosse, Staderman plays football and basketball. During basketball and lacrosse seasons, Staderman lifts weights before school to maintain shape for the fall football season.

“It’s easy to become overwhelmed but my coaches give me at least a week off in between sports which is nice,” Staderman said.

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