Senior basketball players take in final days on the court

Many athletes at McNick have fallen in love with a sport and played it all through high school, and some might even make the decision to continue playing in college.  Both the men’s and women’s teams have completed their seasons, and only one of McNick’s senior basketball players is planning to further her basketball career in college.  The other basketball athletes who have decided against college basketball are ready to focus on getting a degree.  Like any seasoned athlete, they will miss the sport, but are nonetheless ready to move on.

Nicole Geygan

Nicole Geygan has played basketball for 11 years, and she was a shooting guard, as well as a forward for McNick’s team.  This fall, she will be studying elementary education at either Hanover College or Miami University.  After an ACL injury during her senior season, Geygan realized that she would be unable to play in college. She does, however, hope to continue playing basketball as a recreational sport.

“I will miss the relationships that I built and hilarious memories I made with my teammates and coaches,” Geygan said.

Greg Kent

Greg Kent has played basketball for 14 years, and he was the point guard for McNick’s team.  Though it was a difficult decision for Kent to end his basketball career after the high school season ended, he is very happy with his college options and is looking forward to studying either business or sports management at Ohio University or Miami University.

“I’ll miss playing in front of packed gyms on Friday nights in the GCL, and I’ll miss all the friends I’ve made and the competitiveness of sports,” Kent said.

Nick Niehaus

Nick Niehaus has played basketball for 12 years and was a shooting guard for McNick.  This fall he will be studying broadcast journalism at Ohio University.  He said that the thing that he would miss the most about high school is all of the people that he will not be going to school with for the next four years and all of the friends that he made.

“I will miss playing in front of the launch pad and all of my friends there to support me at home games,” Niehaus said.

Payton Ramey

Payton Ramey has played basketball since the second grade, and she was a post player or center for McNick’s team.  She has yet to decide where she will be attending college, but she knows that wherever she goes, she will be playing the sport.  Though Ramey hasn’t decided what she is going to study yet,  she knows that she is going to miss seeing her friends every day, and being in a friendly atmosphere.

“I’ll miss all the memories and friendships I’ve made over these past four years,” Ramey said. I’ll also miss playing in McNick’s gym and the excitement of playing our rival, Badin.”

Andrew Schuermann

Andrew Schuermann has played basketball for 13 years, and he was a forward for the Rockets. He plans to study business at Miami University and said that he wants to focus on school and making a life for himself.

“I will miss being able to play in front of the entire school and the student section,” Schuermann said.  “I will also miss all of the people that I have gotten to know over the past four years.”

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