Garden beds set to bloom

The snow is gone, the sun is shining, and McNicholas students and faculty are gearing up to grow new crops in the community garden.

McNick’s new program, Adopt-a-Bed, is a new take on the community garden.

“There’s no reason students shouldn’t have a successful garden,” said co-moderator Regina Goines. “The spot is in sunlight all day, we’re using top notch soil, and one bed is easy to take care of.”

Participating students will be expected to take care of their own beds. This includes planting, weeding, and watering. Moderators will be supplying the seeds, but students can plant whatever they want in their bed ranging from crops to flowers.

Moderators emphasize ecological responsibility when taking care of the garden. Little to no chemicals will be used on the beds and PVC pipes will be used as an irrigation technique. The pipes will deliver water directly to the roots of the plant, saving water overall.

The initial meeting for the Adopt-a-Bed program took place on March 9, but there’s still room for new gardeners. Any McNick student who wants to take advantage of the 2015 growing season is encouraged to contact moderators Lauren Wulker, Mary Dennemann, or Goines as soon as possible.

Harvest Garden Garden Harvest Garden gate

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