Students compete at District Science Fair

2015 District Science Fair Participants

On Sat., March 14, ten McNicholas freshmen presented their science projects at the District Science Fair held at the University of Cincinnati.

Participants included Alex Ballou: Taste Manipulation; Kennedy Brennan: Vitamin C Response to Heat in Fruits; Wade Brokamp: Testing the Conversion Process of Sucrose to Glucose and Fructose in Different Temperatures; Alexis Duenkelsbuehler: Make Your Kick Count; Skyler Lance: Not All Woods Burn the Same; Cameron Massa: Impact of Technology Viewing on Sleep Patterns; Lauren Mindrum: Do Female or Male Dogs Have More Bacteria in their Mouth?; Samantha Moser: Insulation of Fabrics; Annie Savage: How to Improve Your Drawing Abilities; and Gabriela Scorti: What Affects Your Reaction Time The Most: Listening to Music, Calling or Texting?

The students, all freshmen except for Massa who is a sophomore, received awards ranging from a $25 award to a $1,000 scholarship to the University of Cincinnati, which was awarded to Skyler Lance for her project. Sami Moser received a $50 award from the University of Cincinnati Vice President of Research and a University of Cincinnati Information Technology Young Scientist Award.

Lance, Moser, and Brokamp will continue on to the state science fair at The Ohio State University on May 16.

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