The Monarchs of McNicholas: A Q&A with the Royal Rocket Couple

king&queenNearly two months after the 2015 Bayou Ball concluded with all its glamour and pageantry, King Will Allgeier and Queen Molly Kidwell are, like many seniors, closing in on the end of their time as Rockets, getting ready to finish up the year with AP exams, finalizing college decisions, and preparing for graduation day, which, believe it or not, is only about a month and a half away.

The final weeks of high school are an emotional time for any senior, but perhaps even more so for Allgeier and Kidwell, whose tireless devotion and embodiment of the McNick spirit throughout the past four years earned them the school’s most prestigious titles. Now, as they prepare to say farewell to Rocket High, the King and Queen have taken the opportunity to look back on their days at McNick, sharing their personal thoughts on Mardi Gras, high school memories, and the example they hope to set for the next generation of senior leaders.

Q: Describe what you were feeling in the moment you heard your name called when they were announcing King and Queen. What was going through your mind?

Molly: “I was so shocked when they called my name. I’ve never been more surprised in my entire life. I had so many emotions running through me at that moment – I was so shocked that I cried! I was so humbled and honored to be chosen- it was such an amazing feeling to know that both my peers and teachers had believed that I deserved this honor and that I had made a difference at my school.”

Will: “I was in sort of a daze, trying to realize it had been my name that had been called. Then my face turned beet red, with a feeling of tension crawling over my body. I didn’t really know what to think because I was so nervous but I soon calmed down, so I could function!”

Q: What do you consider to be your biggest achievement at McNick? What are you most proud of?

Molly: “I would say I am most proud of my grades. I have worked really hard throughout my time at McNick to push myself and take classes that would challenge me as much as possible. And although I have to put a lot of work in to understand the material, I feel like it has paid off and I am confident about entering college with all I have learned during my time here.”

Will: “Other than earning the 2015 Mardi Gras King position, playing two varsity sports and maintaining first honors and dean’s list throughout the four years I’ve been at McNick is probably one of my biggest achievements. I’m also proud of being an Officer of National Honor Society with the queen because we get to help people out and represent such a prestigious organization at McNick.”

Q: Now that Mardi Gras is nearly a month and a half behind us, do you feel that you’re setting an example for the underclassmen?

Molly: “I sure hope I am! I am a peer mentor, so I always try my best to be conscious of myself around the underclassmen because I know how much they look up to the seniors. I make an effort to be courteous to everyone I come into contact with and make sure to follow the rules- which includes wearing my lanyard! Whenever I meet with the freshmen during homeroom, I make an effort to be there early and try to demonstrate all the values that have been instilled in me.”

Will: “I feel as if I do on and off of the campus. I just do what I was taught from the beginning: give love to everyone around you, no matter who it is. When someone is down, bring them up because that’s the only real goal in life – to be happy. And by serving, you find happiness in others that you wouldn’t normally find by yourself.”

Q: What do you think of your Mardi Gras king/queen counterpart? Were you surprised to see them earn the title?

Molly: “I was so happy to hear that Will was king- I think he really deserved it. Will is a great student, athlete, and person in general, so I was very happy for him. I think Will sets a great example for everyone around him, especially the underclassmen. He was really surprised when his name was announced because I don’t think people were expecting it to be him, so it was even more exciting when we all found out.”

Will: “Honestly, I wasn’t surprised at all. You can find Molly at every club meeting where she is always there to get work done. Molly is amiable, funny, and someone whose work ethic is hard to grasp. I wouldn’t have wanted any other ruler to be at my side!”


Q: If you find yourself looking back on your time at McNick, say, ten years from now, what do you think you’ll remember most?

Molly: “My four years here have been absolutely amazing and it would be hard to attribute my wonderful experience to any one thing. But if I had to, I would say the sense of community that is present at McNick is something I’ll never be able to forget. I have felt at home here from the moment I entered as a freshman and even though I’ll be gone soon, I’ll still consider this place my home. Never have I felt more supported and loved than I have here at McNick. Our community is truly ‘bonded together’ by our ability to love and support one another- and that is something that is truly unforgettable. I always feel supported and loved by both my peers and teachers and I wouldn’t trade that for the world. “

Will: “Wherever I am in ten years, I think I’ll remember the sense of community. After going on the Kairos retreat my junior year, I realized how much love can exist in such a small group of people. As one of my football coaches said, and I hold this close to my heart, when people who love each other get             together to do something, they can accomplish anything. I think that has a lot to do with the many service projects McNick always offers to the students because in order to strengthen the world, betterment has to start at a smaller level. McNick is where I witnessed the progression of a school that wasn’t too much, to a city shining on a hill – a place where anyone can attain full stature in Christ.”

Q: What are your plans for college at this point in time? Do you know what you want to study?

Molly: “I plan to attend Xavier University in the fall and major in biology. I hope to pursue a career in medicine and someday be a pediatrician.”

Will: “I am attending the College of Nursing at the University of Cincinnati next year. I’ve always wanted to help people for a living, and preparing for that profession is exhilarating to say the least.”

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